Entekhab enterprise development group acts as a largest economic and social complex of private sector in the country including oil, gas and petrochemical handling, household appliances, steel industry, construction, tourism and commerce, research complex and Entekhab university and Macsa cancer control center in the field of social responsibilities.

Entekhab Investment Development Group, by establishing offices and research and development centers in different parts of the world including South Korea, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, China and the United Arabic Emirates… and the help of international consultants is always trying to move along with the world technology.

Receiving the top topics such as premier industery unit, superior standard unit, premier research and development center, top entrepreneur, receiving the best medal of consumers’ needs caring and receiving international certificates and standards in different fields of activity including the quality award of Europe, show the group ambition to reach to its Transcendent ideals and visions.


Entekhab Polystyrene Petrochemical Development Company

Iranian ambition, expertise and effort along with European knowledge and experience has resulted in establishing one of the largest and the most modern expanded polystyrene petrochemical production in the world. Entekhab polystyrene petrochemical in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone has now become another pride in Iran industry. This petrochemical with the capacity of over 250,000 tons per year and by taking advantage of the most up to date technical knowledge of EPS production in the world, is another glory in Iran’s starry sky.

About Expanded polystyrene (EPS):

Expanded polystyrene is highly-used polymer and is consisted of two parts Polystyrene and Pentane gas that have given special functionality to it. gas The pentane gas captured in EPS kernel is expanded in contact with water vapor because of physical nature and takes the form of the foam. Therefore, the final product generated from the EPS has a low density and shows very good insulation properties. Low density, along with other physical and mechanical properties, has made the EPS products to one of the most widely used insulator in the construction industry in the world and the key part in the packaging of components that are sensitive to impact.