EPS (Expandable Polystyrene)

EPS has created itself a broad utilization with its flexible structure in respect of processability in many areas and sectors. The fact that it is economical, safe and also recyclable is increasing the interest shown in this product. EPS is preferred and used for building and construction applications:

  • For Insulation Applications with its low thermal conductivity coefficient
  • For Panel Applications as thermal insulation filler for sandwich roof and facade
  • For Decorative Applications with its easy molding and process facility
  • For Foundation Applications which, thanks to its light weight, avoids additional load to the building and ensures high thermal performance
  • For Geofoam Applications under the scope of ground improvement chastening by reducing the maintenance, the application cost and the application time


The utilization of EPS in the packaging sector is usable for almost the entire industry and for all consumer products, so EPS is able to provide all properties expected from a packaging material.

  • Durable Consumer Goods (white appliances i.e. refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine)
  • Electronic Goods ( TV, stereo, computer, etc.)
  • Food Products (fruits, vegetable, fish and sea products, meat and meat products, milk products)